Finding my Way...soon to be: {Wichita Falls High School Senior Photographer}
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Monday, March 19, 2018
By Jennifer Gracin
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In less than 3 months, Jennifer Gracin Photography will be on the move again! As part of my preparation to move my photography business to Wichita Fall, TX, I have been been trying to find good photo shoot locations in Wichita Falls, updating my website and ordering new products. This military life is exciting, but also can be very challenging as well- especially when. you are trying to run your own business! I have closed down and reopened my business 5 times already- you could say I'm an expert at it!  I learn something new and make necessary changes with each opening and closing  I will definitely miss Prattville and the clients I have come to know. My business has had the most growth in the almost 2 years we have been here so that is definitely hard to walk away from. However, I can always fly back for a long weekend to for photo shoots if needed!! ;)

I thought I would share one of my very first high school seniors from about 10 years ago! I'll never forget walking around downtown Sand Pedro, CA with Katie and her mom. We had so much fun! It was then that I knew photographing seniors was my thing! For some reason I didn't believe in myself enough back then to pursue it head on as my specialty. I know that I have let being a military spouse with 3 little ones hold me back, but yet at the same time I purposely held back some so I could be more available for my family. It's a difficult balance. But now with the kids being older and I with much more experience and belief in myself, I am ready for this new chapter in our lives and my business! Wichita Falls here we come!!! 

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